Monday, August 11, 2008

The Maine Event

Charlie and I spent the last weekend near Portland, ME with the Scott, Anna, Ethan and Sebastian Furr, great friends that we met in Pittsburgh and who have since moved to Maine. Now that we're living in CT, it's only a 5.5 hour drive to Maine instead of a 12+ hour drive, so we knew we had to take advantage of it.

We got there Friday night, much later than we had expected, because of rain, rush hour and vacation traffic. We spent hours catching up and making plans for the next day. We decided to go to the beach, which is only 10 minutes from their house and then grill out for dinner (and of course watch the Olympics). Charlie and Scott made a figure 8 bridge and tunnel system for Ethan and Seb to drive their trucks through, which was actually really impressive.

The next day we drove to the Portland Head Light (lighthouse) to see the most photographed lighthouse on the east coast - maybe in the country!

Check out that belly! (The official 32 week pic is coming tomorrow). And here's one more photo that speaks for itself...

The next time we see the Furr's will be after the babies are born, when we're a family of FOUR! Ethan and Seb were asking the best questions, but our favorite was "Is Charlie going to take the babies out of Beth's belly?" We hope not! They did want to see the babies now though, to which I responded that the babies were still 'cooking.' Ethan looked very alarmed at this and made sure to tell me "Beth, you do NOT cook babies!"


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ethan. What a kick!