Monday, June 16, 2008

Say What?!

Charlie finally heard from the relocation company about moving our stuff to Connecticut. They were equally as frustrated with GE about not hearing sooner on how they should proceed with the process, and the best estimate they could give us was that they could move us in 3-4 WEEKS! Not only is that unacceptable because he starts working sooner than that, but we also have vacation plans that this would mess up, AND our tenant needs to move into our house in less than 2 weeks. All around, this plan just isn't going to work.

So now we're planning on using U-Haul and doing the job ourselves - no easy task for being 24 weeks pregnant and only have 4-5 days to pull this all together. The bonus we have going for us is that it will be about a 1/10 of the cost and we can schedule the truck on our own time, plus we've been eliminating extra stuff ever since our house has been on the market, so there's not very much "clutter" to move anyway. Granted, the effort and stress that this can cause might not make it worth it in the long run, but this seems to be the hand that we're dealt, so we'll deal with it as best as we can. God's hand is still in this... and who knows, maybe this is His way of working out how we can have extra money to pay for a new car!