Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One More Change of Plans...

I went to Two Men and a Truck this morning to buy boxes and the woman greeted me with "how can I help you?" as any qualified saleswoman would. Jokingly, I said that I needed to buy boxes, but if they happened to be free to help us move this weekend we'd be more than happy for the help. She replies with "how about Friday?" YES!

So, we are still packing all the boxes, but don't need to move anything to the truck ourselves and they will move it all into the house to the rooms that we designate on the boxes. The only thing though, is that this is obviously happening SO FAST! Turns out that Friday was a little tight, so they are coming at 8am Thursday to pack the truck and start driving, which means that Charlie and I need to be IN Connecticut by Friday around lunchtime to meet them and let them into the house. Wow - that's a lot sooner than I had expected (and I'm sure it's faster than our parents expected!), especially considering that as of last night we were going to take on this whole thing by ourselves and take our time doing so.

Back to packing!


Anonymous said...

That's great news...and scary! And crazy. And SOON. I'm still available on Thursday morning (and part of Wed evening) if you need another body for any reason, but it sounds like these guys are going to be a wonderful blessing. I hope you also get to send the bill to GE!