Monday, June 16, 2008

The Amazing Ways God Works

The past week was filled with almost every emotion known to man. Charlie and I tried to leave Pittsburgh on Tuesday night for Connecticut to find somewhere to live, only to wait at the airport for 5+ hours and end up changing our flight to Wednesday morning anyway. Then, when we got to Danbury, CT on Wednesday, that's when the roadblocks really started. There didn't seem to be anyone who was willing to talk to us about a short term lease (6 months is all we're guaranteed to be in Danbury) and keeping our cats. Both of these factors would have added multiple hundreds of dollars to our monthly rent, which is already WAY more than we are used to in cheap-o Pittsburgh. By Wednesday night, we were ready to throw in the towel. We were frustrated, defeated and doubtful that we had made the right decision to move.

Thursday started much better after hearing from General Electric that they would take care of the lease if we had to break it early. That opened a lot of doors for us and we could start to talk to an agent about showing us some townhouses with a one year lease. They were beautiful, albeit expensive, and had a lot of great features that made them very attractive. As we were looking at the last place with the agent, another agent called Charlie about a townhouse we had looked at the day before and really liked - to tell us that he convinced the owner to give us a six month lease AND let us have our cats with no extra charge! What a blessing!

We went back to the townhouse on Thursday night to check out the neighborhood after people came home from work to find young families walking around with their kids and so many people on their porches just talking and relaxing. Friday morning we went back to have a final look inside and signed the lease for our new home! God really had his hand in the whole trip and proved to us (once again) that He'll never leave us and that we need to learn to trust and rely on Him fully.

When we got home, Charlie had a voicemail from a guy that wanted to look at our home in Pittsburgh to rent it. He came, loved it, gave us the security deposit almost immediately and will start renting our home in less than two weeks. Yes, we would have loved to sell it, but there's something kinda reassuring about still having "our home" if we'd ever want to come back to Pittsburgh. Praise God for taking care of this situation too - not having to pay rent and mortgage is really a load off!

One more way that God worked for us during our trip was in introducing us to Sandi, the MOPS coordinator in Danbury. She's going to introduce me to FOUR other moms of twins in the group and keep me posted on the events going on this summer before the actual "program year" begins in September. What a blessing to have a connection already before we've even moved!

The last thing we're praying for is for the moving details to be worked out soon. Our lease begins Friday, so ideally we won't be paying for a place that we can't live in because our stuff hasn't been moved yet, but God has taken care of everything else - so we have no reason to think that he won't take care of this small detail! Sorry for the length - but God is good and I wanted to share! : )