Monday, March 10, 2008

Quite the Eye Opener

Well, Charlie and I visited CT for the first time this weekend. It wasn't a bad drive from Pittsburgh, about 7 1/2 hours, and it was a beautiful part of the country - quaint little towns, nice people, boats all over the water - but boy is it going to be an adjustment!

It seems that the town of New Canaan is full of people who "summer" and "winter" like they are verbs. The town is full of people who wear Ugg boots and have coats just for church (as we overheard one mom talking to her daughter about in Bruggers). The town though, is also full of people who are part of groups called "The New Canaan Newcomers", who all watch the Fourth of July parade on the lawn of the park together and whose kids hunt for Easter eggs together at the annual hunt.

I think that Charlie and I will have a good time with all of the newness, yet it's tough to leave so much behind... like low mortgage payments! The cost of living will be among the biggest of adjustments, but we'll get used to it like we will everything else. Our goal is to get a place big enough for visitors all the time - so put us on your calendar now to visit any time after July 5th!


suzannah said...

jim and i would love to see you in CT en route to rhode island in sept. mark us down! miss you.