Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is now the second day in a row that I'm stuck at home with a school closing. Yesterday it was because the pipes were frozen in just the high school, but today I think every school in the tri-state area is closed. Yesterday was ok because the closing was just because it was so cold, not because of terrible weather, but today it's a near blizzard outside and it's not advised to go anywhere if you don't have to. That makes this extra boring today. I think I've watched every movie that we own, all the laundry and dishes are already done and, even though all of my other friends are at home today too, no one feels like venturing out into the land of snow.

So now I'm stuck. I'm trying to get creative today, so maybe I'll finish the quilt I started a few weeks ago, or walk down to the library and check out some books. Maybe I'll cook/bake something or write some emails to catch up with some friends. If you're reading this, bored too, give me a call and we can commiserate together.


Anonymous said...

Well. I taught this morning and attended a career-advice talk over lunch on campus. I have grading I could be doing. And I have a conference paper due tomorrow afternoon that needs desperate work. I'm back home and glad for it. So I can't quite commiserate. But Andrew is working from home today (and apparently loving it), so at least I have some company while I'm working.

Stay warm and dry! **Hugs!**