Friday, January 04, 2008

A State of Disaster

Our living room, that is.

Tonight, Charlie and I decided to start the impending task of de-cluttering our house before the big move and it has proven to be quite the chore. In addition to going through the things that most people happen to accumulate over the years (old tennis racquets, random giveaways from Pirates games, multiple serving bowls, heaps of gift bags and tissue paper...), we also have boxes and boxes of papers from college (notes, projects, diplomas...), from dating (scavenger hunts we created for each other, love notes, pictures...) and from childhood (baseball cards, grade school yearbooks, drawings...)

I have to say that, while it feels good to detox our house of junk, I can't say that we would be focusing on getting rid of so much stuff if there wasn't a move on the horizon, which adds just a touch of sadness to the experience.

I've already decided though that one of my main 'resolutions' this year is not to focus on the sad parts of moving so I have more time to focus on the exciting parts. I'm trusting God to provide everything we need just like He always has.

I'm just thankful that between Goodwill, a yard sale, Craig's list and eBay, most of our stuff will find a good (new) home!