Monday, November 26, 2007


One year ago today I was home from school finishing up Thanksgiving Break and heard the door open. It was Charlie, coming home early from work after he had been laid off unexpectedly. Who would have thought that only one year later we would have been so thankful for the day that seemed scary at the time. Charlie has had so many opportunities this year that he never would have had if he hadn't lost his job. He took charge with his education, being proactive the whole time and keeping the goal of a great job in mind as his main motivator to succeed.

I thought for this Thanksgiving I would make a top five list of reasons why I'm thankful for my husband:

  1. He desires to be a provider and makes choices that help him do that
  2. He believes in me as a teacher and feels the same sense of loss over me leaving Pine-Richland
  3. He shares my excitement (and fears) in starting over in a new place
  4. He is capable of doing so many things that others would be afraid to try (home improvement, adventurous outdoor activities, exploring and moving to a new area)
  5. He loves me and takes my feelings into consideration in everything that he does

Looking back, we are so thankful for that day one year ago and everything good that came out of it.