Thursday, November 08, 2007

"Fox News" Update

Well, that sounds more official that it actually is! I just thought that it had been too long since my last post, again, not because there's nothing going on but because sometimes things are too busy to stop and write about them.

The big news is that job offers are starting to come in for Charlie. He got his first offer on Tuesday and it's really the dream job for him. The position is for a Financial Leadership Development Program and it's a 2-year rotational program with General Electric. It's really the cream of the crop as far as corporate America is concerned. The crazy things though, is that it's in Connecticut! We've been talking a lot about what that means for us... for my job, for leaving our friends and family, for starting over from scratch... but it's actually a really exciting decision to make! This job would open tons of doors for Charlie's career and would make him really marketable in the future too.

The position doesn't start until July, so he and I would both be able to finish off our school year before taking off for Norwalk, CN. The more I think about it, it gets less and less intimidating. I guess that's a good thing, huh! (Better than it getting MORE intimidating, that's for sure!) Charlie would be starting with 25 other new hires in the same program, which would automatically give us a great network of friends. It looks like a beautiful part of the country and it's only a 6 hour drive from home (and only 1 hour from NYC - so that's a draw for other people to come visit us!!)

We're praying for wisdom in a BIG way right now. It's a big deal to quit my job and move somewhere that we wouldn't know anyone, but if it's where we should be in this season of life, I think we'd both jump at that chance. It's not to say that we wouldn't be really sad (and a little scared) to move, but it would be exciting at the same time -- and that's what we're choosing to focus on right now.

More updates as we know them!