Friday, August 10, 2007

Thankfully Proven Wrong

Charlie and I returned home yesterday from the most amazing tropical vacation we could have imagined. I know that I said that we were adventure vacationers, but there is definitely room in life for trips like this one! The resort was amazing, the ocean was the most beautiful color I've ever seen, the food was fantastic and the weather was incredible.

The resort (and sister resort) had six restuarants to choose from ranging from Mexican to Italian, Yucatan to Japanese. Everything was included, so we ordered all different things and split them all so we could try more of the menu. There were activities everyday like Salsa lessons, yoga on the beach, spanish lessons, soccer tournaments and beach volleyball. The staff put on a show every night too - our favorites were Moulin Rouge and Grease. The choreography was so much better than we ever anticipated.

On our last day, probably one of the best days, we spent the morning laying out enjoying the sand and sea, rode a jet ski and a catamaran in the afternoon, had a professional photo shoot on the beach (see pics) and went to a fantastic Mexican dinner.

There are way too many pics to upload them all, but here's a small sample.