Friday, July 20, 2007

The High Cost of Love

On Sunday, I felt exceptionally willing to do something really nice for Charlie. He's heading into finals week (pray for him!) and has been pretty stressed lately, so I thought I would tackle our back hillside that he's been saying needed to be weeded. He gets poison ivy really bad, but I've never had it, so I figured that I was in the best position to get the job done. Needless to say, because I've never had it, I don't actually know what it looks like, so I'm pretty sure that I literally pulled the poison ivy itself. Pretty smart, huh!? So now, not only am I battling a BAD case of poison ivy, I also have a bacterial infection on my face and potentially ticks in my legs. Doc prescribed FIVE MEDICATIONS, just to hurry the recovery process along. Pity me, please : )


mandy said...

Ohhh Beth,

I feel your pain!! (insert moan)
I also have never had poison ivy, but I have had hives...I know, not the same, but the pain is still real.

Hope you're healing quickly!

P.S. Go Charlie!

Maddie's Momma said...

Oh no Bethie!! Yuck yuck yuck! Hope Charlie can find time in the midst of finals to baby you a bit :) Best of luck Char...knock em dead!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta get better before Mexico! Boo to being sick/icky while on vacation! My prayers for you (and Charlie, too).