Monday, June 05, 2006

The Winds of Change

When I hear brides talk about how stressed out they were over their wedding it almost makes me laugh... Especially the things they choose to stress about! Flowers, music, pictures, weather, food... just about everything but the wedding ceremony itself. The sad reality is that so many people think of their wedding day in regards to the reception, rather than in regards to the ceremony. How can I top my friend's wedding from last year? How can I make my wedding more unique? More talked about? More remembered? Unfortunately, when these people refer to the "wedding," it has nothing to do with the WEDDING!

I remember having an overwhelming sense of peace during the planning of our wedding, keeping the thought in the front of my mind that "no matter what happens, we'll still be married by the end of the day." It helped me avoid being consumed in the details of the day and let me focus on the one thing that truly mattered most: the handsome groom at the end of the aisle who couldn't wait to make me his wife forever. That's one of my favorite parts of weddings: watching the husband-to-be's face as the bride walks down the aisle. It captures the essence of the day - the excitement, the anticipation, the overwhelming joy.

The wedding of Charlie's brother, Erick, and his new wife Toni was this weekend. Toni and Erick were described at the rehearsal dinner as having an inner peace that is so apparent that it is almost contagious. It's noticeable in this picture (when the wind and rain was just about to hit hard) and I'm sure it will be noticeable throughout their marriage.


mgillenm said...

Hi, Beth..
My name is Mark, and my daughter was so impressed with you that she sent me your link. You met her at Freemarkets in Pittsburgh. We recently had a wedding in our family, and your comments on weddings ring so true. I am glad that there are people in the world like you that do not have cookie cutter mindsets. Be well, do good work, and travel safely.