Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tidbits from a Third World Country

As I sit in front of my computer after 16 days without electricity, I am reminded of all of the gifts inherent to an American that are often taken for granted. In the airport on the way home I was bombarded with the American attitude towards life - the "me first," "what I need or want I get" mentality. The contrast was like a slap in the face. I had just gone from 16 intense days of community with my team members and the people of the village to a completely individualistic society where you don't need anyone to do anything. In Honduras, preparing and cooking lunch takes 4-5 people, laundry is an all-day affair, and after sunset there is usually silence and darkness - no bright lights of the TV seen from each living room window. I came to appreciate the stillness of Honduras and the conversations that were able to transpire because there weren't any other distractions of life. No cell phones, no TV, no radio, no computer... and then I started to realize that maybe it's the people of Honduras who are rich - not Americans. They are rich in the things of life that actually matter - relationships and community. Though they may not have flush-toilets or wall-to-wall carpet, though they may have chickens walking through their kitchen or the same foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, though they may not have a Super Wal-Mart available at any hour of the day or night, they still come out ahead compared to American life in my eyes. The things that I left behind in America that I considered luxury items aren't that at all - they are distractions from the things in life that should be of much higher importance. I'm sure that I won't realize the fullness of the impact of Honduras right away, but I'm thankful that my eyes have been opened (at least a little) wider to the importance of a slower pace of life.

This picture is of a family's entrance to their home. The word Dios is Spanish for God - what a great sight to pass by everyday! To see more pictures from Honduras, click on the "Honduras Pictures by Randy Bryant" link (if asked, the login is "guest" and the password is "pasadena"). Enjoy!


Maddie's Momma said...

Hello Bethie and fellow blogger! How fun! I can't believe Erik is married! Tell him congrats for me! Love you and can't wait to see you soon!