Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Summary: Half Marathon Training!

I can hardly believe that my race is in FIVE days! I have worked hard for the last 9.5 weeks and it's almost time to see the payoff. My good friend Janice helped me to create my training plan back in July and it's been so helpful to keep me on track, motivate me, push me and hold me accountable. I remember how daunting the 12 miler at the end of the schedule looked, but honestly, by the time I got there I was ready for it! Here's my breakdown...

Mondays: Upper body (X3 Eccentric Upper usually)
Tuesdays: Speed, usually around 3 miles, or a faster than normal pace 3 miler
Wednesdays: X3 Yoga
Thursdays: Between 3-4 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturdays: Long runs ranging from 7-12 miles with taper weeks built in
Sundays: Cross training, almost always biking or X3 Dynamix

Here's my mental state of my long miles, for the sake of reflecting : )

Week 1, 7 miles: Started off great but hit a wall around mile 5. Hips really hurt and the heat was a beat down. Felt like I was hit by a truck the rest of the day : ( Pace: 9:21
Week 2, 8 miles: Tried interval running. Run for 4 minutes, walk for 1. Felt great during because I knew that the pain was temporary and it left me feeling energized instead of exhausted for the rest of the day. Pace: 9:55
Week 3, 6 miles: Started running alone, which meant I wouldn't have someone to complain to. It worked! I ran the whole 6. Pace: 9:15
Week 4, 9 miles: Ran five miles to the park and felt really good the whole time. Stopped when I met up with my friend, ate a gu and never rebounded for the remaining four miles. Stopped for a total of more than 15 minutes to catch my breath, assess a blister (got a terrible one on my toe around mile six) and to generally complain. Terrible run. Felt like I wasn't cut out for long distances. Mentally beat. I felt like I just needed one good run to overcome these negative feelings. Running pace: 9:35, but actually much slower with all the stopping
Week 5, 10 miles: I HAVE ARRIVED! It was less than 60 degrees, I ran alone, I stopped for a minute to eat my gu and kept going. Pace: 9:32. Yes!
Week 6, 8 miles: It's amazing how 8 miles felt like a break when it felt like such an achievement only a few weeks ago. I used the virtual pacer on my watch for the first time and set it for 9:25, thinking that would be an improvement from last week's pace. Pace: 9:03!! What!? Maybe I'm fast afterall ; )
Week 7, 11 miles: What happens to my pace when I add 3 more miles? I set my pacer for 9:15 and set off. Pace: 9:05! I brought home donuts to celebrate : )
Week 8, 12.1 miles: I had to squeeze this run in on a Friday because Charlie competed in a triathlon this weekend. Pace: 9:11. I stopped twice to give myself a pep talk to keep going between miles 8-10, but my energy picked up again for the last two miles. Only need to add on one more mile and I'm there!!
Week 9, 7 miles: I was only supposed to run 6 but I felt awesome, the weather was perfect and I was with a buddy, so I kept going. Pace: 8:48!!! That was the perfect long run to end on before my race. I'm excited, I'm confident and I can't wait for Sunday! I think my quick pace had to do with running at the mostly flat park compared to the very hilly course I had run every week for training. The race is along a dam and will be all flat - hoping that's a great sign for things to come!

Week 10, 13.1 miles... stay tuned ; )