Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Catching Up

Ugh. Did I really let a 2nd, 4th and 6th birthday pass without so much as a blog post?! I'm not even sure the best way to catch up, especially since so many things have changed since each birthday, but here goes nothing!

Little Dilly Boy is incredibly amazing. He is probably the most adored brother of the bunch and best buds with Garrett. He is obsessed with Thomas the train and Curious George and wants to do just about everything on his own. His new favorite saying is 'No, I do dat!' He potty trained in less than a week, he loves to jump off the steps and into the pool, he loves to color, he calls dumdums 'poppops' and he is still a champion sleeper. His first day with all the boys at school led him to ask 'Where my bubbers go?' all day long. He uses no less than five utensils for every meal, loves to give hugs, loves to chase the boys all around the couch and makes a funny eye-roll face that cracks all the boys up. Two is a big year for this little fellow!

Garebear is a lover. He's sensitive and kind, giving and gentle. He loves to help and share and spend quality time with us. He's an attention seeker, highly dramatic, a giggler and will do anything that Owen and Eli ask him to do. When you ask him to do something or share something he'll respond 'Sore Mom, sore thing!' His teacher told me today that he makes her want to have another little boy because he's so sweet and kind. He has recently mastered his 's blends' that he couldn't say even a month ago. He loves school and learning, I suspect because he loves one-on-one time with me and having his own thing apart from the boys. He is in love with Dylan and 'pets' him all day long; hugging him, touching his cheeks, putting his arm around him, including him in his games and pulling all the blankets and pillows off our bed to jump into. How is this little blue eyed boy FOUR already!?

These boys that turned us into parents six years ago are turning into little men more and more every day. They are so smart, remember the smallest details about things, are thick as thieves together, 'forget' to meet other friends at Grapevine Faith so they can stick together, are obsessed with art, books, dinosaurs, ocean animals and legos, stay up way to late talking and playing together in their rooms, can't sit still for any meal, both lost the same bottom tooth within two weeks of each other and love Wild Kratts. Eli can be strong willed, especially when it comes to school and doing the nasal rinse that they have to do for allergies. Owen is more laid back in a lot of ways but also the more competitive of the two. It's hard to believe that after six years I can still basically lump them into the same paragraph because of how similar they are in their interests, personalities and milestones. We're so thankful that they are each other's best friend and love watching their relationship strength day by day. These six years have been a wild ride!


Janet said...

We sure love these boys! Thanks, Beth, for catching up on their milestones. These little memories recede into the past so quickly that they are too easily forgotten! You'll never regret even the delayed posts :)6631