Monday, January 07, 2013

Forget-Me-Nots 01/13

It's been a long time since I've written one of these posts but there is so much going on that I want to remember. This installment is all about Garrett...

  • He's potty-trained! 2 years, 5 months old and a pro! We had to transition him to a bed because of it and mornings begin way earlier, but we're so proud of him!
  • If you start a sentence with 'Hey Garrett!' his first response is always 'What? What Mommy?' except it comes out as 'Vut?' like he's Russian : )
  • Anytime you ask him if he can do something (can you put your dishes in the sink? tell mommy when you have to go potty, ok? can you go get your shoes on?) he always says 'ok mommy' as a whisper like it's a secret mission.
  • He calls his shoes his shoes-on. I think it's because I always say 'Go get your shoes on'. It's the best when he says 'I get my shoes-on on!'
  • His favorite thing to do together is puzzles. His cutest request is 'I do pubble me mommy?'
  • When Garrett prays for dinner he always includes 'and the baseball game.' It comes out as 'a hitball game'. We have no idea when or why it started but it's pretty cute.
  • Owen comes out as Own, Eli is E-I, and Dylan is Baby DinDin
  • His most favorite show is Curious George. He calls him 'Durge'
  • His most favorite food is cereal. He wakes up and the first sentence out of his mouth of 'I want more ceyul peas' and then he proceeds to ask for and eat it practically all morning long.
  • He has the best giggle of all time!
  • He still sucks his fingers and loves his blankie, which he calls his 'night night.' He holds his night night looped around his index finger and makes it into a point, then sticks the point just inside his nose while he sucks his middle two fingers.
  • He weighs as much as Owen and Eli but is at least 3-4" shorter, which makes him perfectly squishy and cuddly. 
  • He is a champion fit-thrower. It works well to hand him his blankie, put him in his room or the laundry room and tell him he can come out as soon as he's done crying. He makes himself quit crying and starts whimpering 'I all done, I all done!'
  • He loves his brothers. Even when they do something that hurts him and we ask them to apologize, he's always the one to hug them first.
Love love LOVE this boy!


Becca said...

Hi there! I'm currently a school teacher pregnant with twins of my own. We have a two year old boy at home, and have found out that we have one of each coming our way in June.(we had to go the IVF route, twice) I stumbled across your site and have really enjoyed the few posts I've been able to read. Well done momma! I might be writing with advice on this twin thing! :) Take care....Becca

Toni said...

Aw, Garrett!!