Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dylan - 8 Months

Getting bigger every day! This was a big month for Dylan with lots of firsts. He tried lots of new foods and we found out that he's allergic to either apricots, blueberries, or both (by a rash that broke out all over his face). He tried a cup with water, unsuccessfully. He now inhales puffs, which the boys call baby pups, and they love to be the one to give him more. He's up to three meals a day, breakfast and dinner with oatmeal, lunch is just a fruit or veggie, and still nursing, though he has entered the severely-distractable-stage, which is just annoying.

He learned how to go from his belly to sitting, then from sitting to crawling all this month too. He has just started to attempt to 'stand' by putting his hands up on the bottom stair, but hasn't gotten his legs into the action yet. He took his first brother-less trip with me to Michigan too. We also found out this month that the second tear duct probe didn't work, so we could potentially be looking at surgery to put in a stint when he's a little older. As of now it only seems extra teary when he's congested, so I would consider that a huge improvement to where he started anyway. 

He loves watching his brothers play and is content to do that any time they are around. He has the cutest belly laugh that he breaks out when we sing D is for Dilly (to the tune of C is for Cookie). Hopefully I'll get that on video soon. Also on the horizon: his first haircut.