Saturday, July 02, 2011

Garrett - 11 Months

This last month was an adventurous one for us. We went on two family vacations - one with Charlie's family and the other to family camp with nine other families from our Sunday school class. Both were so fun, but Garrett is at the height of his separation anxiety phase and just wanted to be held (by me only!) the whole time. We're still working on getting back into a routine at bed time and sleeping through the night again. It's taking longer than I would have hoped. Boo.

Other than messing up his schedule, Garrett had a great month. He travelled much better than I would have expected in the car, was really flexible on all the new foods he tried and didn't mind the heat and bugs of being outside so much either. He's eating almost all table food now and really prefers it to baby food. We started working with him on walking too, and he seems pretty comfortable cruising around with his push toy. For his unofficial weigh in this month, he tipped the scales at 23 pounds! Birthday plans are in the works for our little man's first birthday bash. We can't wait to celebrate his first year - and can't believe it's just about over!