Friday, May 27, 2011

No Title Would Suit This Post.

I can't sleep. My heart is breaking for a family that I've never met who are saying goodbye to their son for the last time tonight. Maybe it's because his name is Owen. Maybe it's because Owen is a multiple too (a triplet). Maybe it's because he's not much younger than Garrett (6 months). Maybe it's because they found their otherwise completely healthy baby unresponsive in his crib. Maybe it's because it's just not fair. Regardless of the reason why, my heart is breaking over the loss of this little boy.

One of the things that Mel, Owen's mom, wrote that struck me the hardest was this:

'The thought that makes my gut wrench is thinking about when things go back to normal. When we are out in public … People are going to comment on my twins. I might punch them in the face. How do I not relive this every time someone says my kids are cute. Will I ever glow as a proud mom or always have to breath thru the pain?'

My throat tightens and tears flow freely just thinking of her reality. Knowing first hand the bond that multiples share and thinking of one of them suddenly being without the other just breaks my heart. Having to decide what your six month old will wear for his funeral - that's just unbearable.

While I pray for strength and endurance and a peace that surpasses understanding for Mel and her family, I also pray that I won't take a single day, a single minute, for granted with my own family. God has a plan, a perfect plan, for each of us. Even if He accomplishes his plan in a tiny boy after only six months, it's still a perfect plan. I hate it, but I believe it.

Take a minute and pray for strength for this family as Owen is going through his donor surgery right now and his tiny body is saving the lives of three other people. And as you're hugging your kids over the next days and weeks, pray for comfort and support for this grieving family.