Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garrett - 10 Months

Double digits, here we come! It's hard to believe my baby will be one in just two short months! It's hard to remember the differences between this month and last month, because it seems like Garrett has been doing things like climbing the stairs and waving for a long time - but I think those are new tricks this month. When he climbs the stairs, he turns around on the second step to wait for you to see him, then laughs and powers up to the first landing giggling. It's pretty cute, but boy is he fast!

He eats pretty much anything you put on his tray and will usually smack his right hand on the tray with his mouth wide open until you give him more. He's drinking water out of a cup like a champ - even the kinds of cups without handles. If you'd let him, Garrett would happily eat an entire container of puffs, but thankfully, he's not picky and will eat all sorts of fruits, veggies and meats too.

We're in the process of teaching Garrett how to go down the stairs safely - mostly because it's not that practical to gate the type of stairs we have. I really have to watch Owen and Eli though because they want to 'help him' come down the stairs too by pulling on his legs. Yikes!

At his 9 1/2 month appointment, Garrett weighed in at 20lb, 2 oz (50%) and was 29.5" long (80%). I can't tell yet if I'm happy that he's a lower percentile for his weight or if I'm sad that he's losing his baby chub. All that moving is good for calorie burning apparently!

Our little monkey loves being outside, playing in the pool, eating, climbing the stairs and following his brothers around. He's a super happy little guy!