Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Luxury of Resolutions

I haven't given much thought to the passing of 2009. This is surprising to me because I am a list making wizard. I'll make a to-do list with things on it that I've already done just so I know I can cross things off that day, but I also love a packing list, grocery list and budgeting list. You'd think I'd be all over making a list of New Years Resolutions, but sadly, we're five days into the new year and I've hardly given it a second thought.

I started to wonder - how can a mom of twin toddlers afford the time it takes to 'make good' on resolutions? I guess I could take the easy way out and 'resolve' to go to bed early, but that's not a resolution so much as a desperate plea to get what I want.

I don't feel particularly disorganized or unhappy about my body. I don't feel like life is out of control or that my marriage needs work. Truthfully, I feel apathetic about most areas in my life right now... and that's probably why I need resolutions the most. I think my resolution this year can be summed up in one word:


I want to work on my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellness. The scale might not read a number I'm unhappy with, but that doesn't account for the lack of energy I feel at the end of the day from being out of shape. My attitude might not be grim and sad, but that doesn't mean I don't take things personally and internalize things that I shouldn't. My prayer life might be consistent, but that doesn't mean that I know God like I want to. I might be able to get through the day without spending time on refueling my tank, but that isn't necessarily healthy for me, my kids or Charlie. Charlie and I might not fight all the time or call each other names, but that doesn't mean that our marriage doesn't deserve TLC and a higher priority than I currently give it.

Though wellness is my general resolution for this year, I guess if I'm honest I'd also like to:

  • Blog more often here and on Diapers-to-diplomas
  • Read more books
  • Use the Busy Book and First Art books that I received for Christmas to entertain my kids
  • Find and use a babysitter to go on dates with Charlie
  • Read the Bible - and get to the point where I read it because I want to, not because I feel like I have to
  • Take advantage of programs at the Library and/or museum
  • Keep in better touch with long distance friends
  • Be intentional about grocery shopping and cooking healthy and creative dinners
I guess the desire for resolutions wasn't lacking, but maybe the time it takes to spend thinking about them. That was a naptime well spent. Speaking of which... I hear crying.

What are your resolutions this year?


Jordan said...

What great thoughts! I totally loved reading your post. I will be praying as you settle into Atlanta that you will be intentional about working on 1-2 of those action items... Cant wait to hear about all your new adventures!!! Jordan