Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Torn Between Here and There

This is always the hardest part. Knowing where we're going and getting ready to move, yet still feeling a sadness for the people that we're leaving behind. It's especially hard because we also struggle with just wanting the move to be over with already but knowing that means our friendships will be over too (in the everyday sense, not in the keep-in-touch-virtually sense)

Charlie leaves tomorrow for Atlanta to find us somewhere to live. I trust him completely with this decision, and I think he struggles with the pressure to find somewhere great even more because of that. He has found the perfect home for us in the last three cities and I know he'll hit another homerun in Atlanta, but it's an exhausting several days for him, trying to find somewhere that suits us in a city we don't know yet. How do you know where you do or don't want to live if you've never been there before?!

The movers are coming a week from tomorrow and we'll leave immediately after the truck is packed. We're driving home through Dallas to spend some time with our friends in Texas, then making a pit stop in Atlanta before heading home to Pittsburgh for Christmas. The funny thing about Pittsburgh (or any extended vacation for that matter) is that by the end of it, we're anxious to get 'home'... but the crazy part is that 'home' is a place we've never lived before. It's anticlimactic in many ways, but exciting at the same time - turning a house into a home for our family.

It's gonna be a crazy, fast, emotional, chaotic, exhausting, exciting week!


Shaloma said...

Good luck Beth! You are the strongest most capable woman I know! You're going to get through it all on top!