Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Not Even Sure Where to Start!

First of all, sorry for being MIA for so long. I'll bet some of you have stopped checking this blog since I've been so slow in posting, but hopefully I'm back on track now. Maybe the best way to sum up the month of July will be in numbers...

  • 1 roundtrip flight to Pittsburgh
  • 1 roundtrip drive to Michigan
  • 24 nights spent with family
  • 2 weeks that Charlie was away at training
  • 1.5 weeks spent with my family
  • 1.5 weeks of perfect weather spent on the back porch
  • 1 week spent with my sister and her kids
  • .5 weeks spent with Charlie's family after he returned from training
  • 2 date nights
  • 1 night out with friends
  • 4 trips to Page's!
  • 2 trips to the zoo (Detroit and Pittsburgh)
  • 1 lesson learned: don't check the carseats until you find out if the flight is booked!
  • 1 stranger who was able to get Eli to sleep on the plane ride home (yes, I pawned him off on a willing stranger-grandma!)
  • 2 college roommates visited with their kids
  • 3 Bellefield services attended
  • 0 uninterrupted Bellefield services attended!
  • 1 trip to Once Upon a Child
  • 2 pairs of adorable new shoes for the boys
  • 1 pool party with all the teachers I used to work with
  • 1 trip to Pamela's for the best strawberry brown sugar pancakes ever created
  • 1 breakfast with my mentor teacher
  • 2 cars I borrowed from friends so I could get around
  • 6 times a day feeding schedule - up from only 4 : (
  • 0 times the boys slept through the night since we started travelling
  • 1 meal a day of babyfood now - the rest is table food!
  • 24 days behind on Facebook. Who even cares anymore?!
  • 1 book read
  • 0 days the temperature crossed 80 - we're in for a world of hurt!
I'm sure there's more, but that's a good start. In short, it was great to be with family, but it's also exciting to be home and able to start building our life here in Scottsdale. Please pray for fast friends, a good church, and the next five months for us... and come visit!!


suzannah said...

how did we not connect?!? boooo...but so glad you had a nice visit:)