Wednesday, July 01, 2009

10 / 12

Ten months down, only two to go until the one year mark. That's amazing. I'm sure all you parents out there can attest to the fact that everyone is really and truly correct when they say that the time flies by. Between this month and last month, the boys have lost a lot of baby and gained a lot of toddler in my eyes. They are so mobile now (even though they aren't actually toddling anywhere!) and they seem to have gained personalities overnight. They seem to be all caught up on the milestone chart too, with practically no sign of premie left.

A few stats from this month:

  • Owen weighs 19 pounds
  • Eli weighs 18.4 pounds
  • Visitors this month: Dwight (aka Grandpa Fox) came to Dallas for almost a week and we (the boys and I) spent four days with the Boltons before moving to Scottsdale
  • Milestones for Eli: kneels in crib (6.9), sits up on his own while crawling (6.15), pulls to stand (6.16)
  • Milestones for Owen: kneels in crib (6.2), pulls to stand (6.5)
  • Challenges this month: Owen being diagnosed with Croup two days before the movers came, their first ear infections, flying alone with both boys, trying to keep them from standing in the tub (any suggestions?!)
  • Current Nicknames: peek-a-boo, booboo, peanut butter, jelly, bubba, buckaroo, owie (pronounced o-wee, short for Owen)
  • Current favorite toys: Noah's ark pink peacock, stacking cups, peek-a-boo dump truck, the baby einstein toy (in all five parts now, not just the shapes, colors and songs piece)
  • Interactions: the boys were eating breakfast the other day and in between every bite they would stop, look at each other and bust out laughing. They also entertained each other for over an hour in an empty room in Dallas just looking at each other and playing with each others' feet. I love that I get to watch as they become best friends! As for interacting with us, they have both started lifting their arms to be held and will crawl across the room to kneel at our legs for us to pick them up. Sort of like a begging puppy : )
  • Communications: The big one that started this month is slapping. Thankfully not each other, but slapping their tray when they want more of something. I've tried to teach 'more' but they still resort to the tray slap. Owen seems to be the communicator for both boys. He'll yell out so I come in their room when they are both awake and he'll yell out when they are in their highchairs if he wants me to hurry up with their food. Eli just enjoys the fruits of his labors!
  • Big Deals this Month: coming home to Pittsburgh after being gone for a full six months
We are 10/12 of the way through our first year as parents of twins!


Jill said...

I don't really have a good suggestion for the tub, other than to tell you it will pass (well, at least you will reach a point when you can make them understand they need to sit down). I remember that baths at this age were rather short for my kids because they just wouldn't sit.

Have fun while you're home. I'm sure you'll be busy but if you happen to have a free day and are looking for something to do, feel free to touch base with me.