Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Maybe Not the WORST Mother in the World...

... but I'm at least in the running for 2nd or 3rd place.

I've been so frustrated with the boys for the last couple days because of how badly they've been napping. It takes them over an hour of screaming to finally take a 30 minute nap, and bedtime has been just as bad. They've both been waking up multiple times at night, which they almost never do anymore. With Charlie gone for the last 4 days in Scottsdale and dealing with this solo, it's been a little exhausting.

So on to the "Worst Mom in the World" award. It turns out that their colds are actually double ear infections... for both of them. Regardless of how tired they are (and they are tired! I have heard them stop screaming to yawn and then continue screaming) their ears are probably throbbing every time they lay down. I wouldn't be able to sleep either! I should have picked up on it, but they don't have any of the normal ear infection symptoms (fever, pulling at their ears, etc), so I just attributed the poor sleeping to their colds and being generally more fussy. Oops.

At their 9 month well-visit today (a contradiction in terms since they are both sick!), they were both weighed and are, in fact, still peanuts by anyone's standards (most notably the percentile chart maker's standards).

Owen is 18 lbs and the 10th percentile for weight.
Eli is 17 lbs and the 4th percentile for weight.
They are both 28.5" long and the 45th percentile for height.
They both have 17.5" head circumference and are in the 23rd percentile for that.

Everything else is looking great though. I was so happy to be able to check 'Yes' for all the milestones that they should be doing right now (sitting up, pulling up, etc) and feel like they are finally catching up to the non-premie world. Hurray!!


Kelly said...

Oh Yuck! My kids do this to me all the time at their "well visits!" and it always makes me feel horrible. Though, like you, they didn't have an typical symptoms so I console myself in this way :) Thank goodness for antibiotics...hopefully your boys will be feeling better and sleeping better soon. And hopefully you didn't get charged for a sick visit on top of your well visits, this has happened to me before and its even yuckier than them being sick in the first place!!! Miss you :) xoxo

suzannah said...

sweetie, you aren't a mind reader, and until they can articulate what they need/want, don't beat yourself up for not knowing! you are a good mom.

i've read that ear-pulling is not actually a good indicator of an ear infection, anyway. hopefully they're feeling better ASAP and you all sleep well tonight!

Janice said...

You are NOT the worst mother in the world! There was nothing to indicate ear infections, but at least now you know and hopefully this will solve the sleeping issues! You deserve a break:-) Charlie will be back soon and your little angels will be back to normal...just in time for your move;-) Heehee Hang in there...you are a GREAT mama!!!!