Thursday, March 05, 2009

Supermom Qualities

Though that's a totally sarcastic title, I couldn't help but feel pretty proud of myself (and the boys) today.

First of all (and I'm probably jinxing myself!) the boys only wake up once a night to eat now! They go to bed around 7:30, wake up once somewhere between 2-4am and sleep until around 7am.

In addition to that, we managed to go for a 45 minute walk today, I got 2 loads of laundry done, made a great dinner of Thai Peanut Chicken and Coconut Rice AND (the icing on the cake today!) I succeeded at my first attempt at making my own baby food! I started with pears and sweet potatoes and it was so much easier than I had expected... and talk about economical! We started the boys on applesauce in their rice on Monday, which went great for Owen (who is now a champion eater) and went not so great for Eli (who has decided to cry as soon as we put the bib on him everyday). I froze most of the pears and sweet potatoes, but had enough sweet potatoes left over to start the boys on it today - and they both seemed to really like it! Finally - no tears at all during dinner! I'm telling myself that it's because homemade has more TLC added in than Gerber which makes it taste better : )

In milestone news: Owen is quickly getting much better at sitting on his own and Eli rolled from his back to his belly unattended(!!) today for the very first time. I'll try to get both on video soon.


Kelly said...

YAY! Gooooo Beth! Isn't it great when we have days like that? Such a special treat! I loved making homemade baby food--I thought it was easier than in looked, too! And actually, after they moved past baby food, I continued pureeing veggies and hid it in our normal if I made breaded chicken, I'd dip it in an egg and veggie mixture. It was a pretty easy way to get veggies in our diets and you really couldn't taste much of a difference. I still have a few bags left frozen from this fall, actually! xoxo

Anonymous said...

You're a rock star -- Yay Beth (and boys)!


Brice said...

you'll have to tell me how you made it, I was thinking about trying the homemade food thing this time around :) Also glad to hear the boys are doing well. Talk to you all soon.

Janice said...

Woohoo!!!! I'm impressed:-)

Amanda said...

Not sure if you have seen if, but Williams Sonoma has a nice item to make all baby food for $149. It steams and purees with no additional pieces needed. can introduce them to everything!