Saturday, March 07, 2009

Helmet Update 4.0 - The Graduate!

Two weeks ago we decided that we weren't going to get a second helmet for Owen because we were so satisfied with the results. We thought we had achieved the best results possible with the first helmet, but then he was measured for his final visit!

Here's the update:

  • Original variance (measuring from front right to back left and front left to back right): 20mm
  • Variance 1 month ago: 11-12mm
  • Variance 2 weeks ago: 9mm
  • Final Variance: 5mm!
  • Original measurement from his ear to his nose and his eye to his nose: 3-4mm
  • Measurement 2 weeks ago: 2mm
  • Final Variance: 1mm!

5mm!! They wouldn't even have recommended a helmet for him originally with a variance of 5! In two weeks, his little head rounded out so nicely that you can't even tell he ever needed the helmet.

He seems so happy without it on (but when he gets mad he still reaches up and looks like he's trying to pull it off! Old habits die hard!) We are so thankful that we decided to get the helmet - but we are so much more thankful that IT'S OVER!