Friday, January 02, 2009

12 Days of Single Parenthood

Charlie left today for his 12 day training in Prague, leaving me in the single parent role. I can't say that I'm not terrified, but I'm sure we'll get through it. My sister is coming on Monday to stay for a week, but we'll be vastly outnumbered since she's bringing her two kids, Blake (~2.5) and Asher (~7 mo). I had to switch cars with a friend of mine so I could fit all the carseats in a minivan!

Though the boys are sleeping right now, I'm a little afraid that they are up there conspiring against me. I better go - there's so much to do before we move (in two weeks!) and I have to take advantage of all the naptimes that I can get my hands on!


Kelly said...

Praying for you Bethie! When Ben's gone, I find the most helpful things are simplifying (lots of PJ days and not really cleaning much other than the necessary) and napping when the kiddos nap :) xoxo