Wednesday, December 31, 2008

4 / 12

Wow - One third of the way through the first year already! That's insane!! It feels like the boys have been with us forever and we can't believe we were married for so many years without babies in our house. It would feel so empty and quiet without them! A few stats from this month:

  • Their 'unofficial' weights: Owen is about 12.5 pounds, Eli is about 11.5 pounds. We have their 4 month appointment on January 9th and we'll have updated weights and percentiles then (as well as some sore thighs from their 4 month shots!)
  • Visitors this month: Becky and Kate
  • Milestones: trying out and slowly starting to love the exersaucer, becoming attached to their blankies
  • Challenges this month: learning of Owen's need for a helmet, travelling back and forth to Pittsburgh twice, planning for moving to Dallas (and figuring out how to pack!)
  • Item(s) I can't live without: the double stroller that makes playdates much easier, TV series on DVD
  • Big Deals this month: Owen started wearing the helmet, the boys first Christmas

We are 4 / 12 of the way to making it through our first year as parents of twins!