Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Dallas here we come!

These next few weeks are going to be absolutely insane between Christmas, New Years, travelling to Pittsburgh, Charlie going to Prague for two weeks for training, finding a new place to live, moving, settling down in a new city and Charlie starting his new rotation. It's hard to believe that we could potentially do this two more times after this - it just seems to hurried and hectic! I'm starting to pray now for MOPS groups with open enrollment for the spring semester and friends who will take me under their wings like my friends here in CT did. I'm praying too for the doctors we'll need for the boys (there's a new post coming soon about the recent goings-on in that department) and in general for the quality of life we'll have when Charlie works in a new department for a new boss. His boss here was always very understanding about the needs we had as a family and I can only pray that the new boss will be understanding as well. I pray that we'll be able to find a living situation that suits our needs and that it will be close to the office like our home here is. And while I'm listing prayer requests... I pray that we'll dodge a cold winter!

For those of you who know me well, and that's most of you, you know that I'm not typically good at these big life changes, but I feel strangely at ease about this. I know that God provided well for us when we moved to CT and I'm confident that He'll do the same when we move to TX.

And in case you're wondering... we will NOT be converting to Cowboys fans! GO STEELERS!! : )


Janet said...

I think I feel the need to plan a spring trip to Dallas! Congrats, Char! and a relief to be able to make plans for Owen's treatment.

suzannah said...

wow! you four are in for an adventure. we'll be joining you in prayer.