Monday, December 01, 2008

3 / 12

Month Three has come and gone! This was a great month of seeing friends and family and Charlie and I talk almost every day about how blessed we are because of our boys. A few stats from this month:

  • As of 2.5 months, Owen weighed 11-4; Eli weighed 10-6
  • Visitors this month: Steve and Ashley and Scott, Anna, Ethan and Sebastian
  • Milestones: SMILING : ), paying attention to toys, discovering their hands and tongues, taking 'big boy baths', Eli moving into Size 1 diapers, getting their 2-month shots
  • Challenges this month: Owen's eating strike, which is thankfully over!
  • Item(s) I can't live without: Diflucan (so thrush can hopefully be gone once and for all!), Lipton tea (there's something about the act of making a cuppa tea that has the ultimate calming effect on me)
  • Big Deals this month: travelling home for Thanksgiving and introducing the boys to so many people for the first time, baptizing the boys

We are 3 / 12 of the way to making it through our first year as parents of twins!