Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poor Babies

The boys' 2 month appointment was scheduled for this morning. Knowing that it would be a challenging appointment, I recruited my good friend Becca to come with me since Charlie had to work.

They were at the doctors office last week for a cold, and since they they both gained almost a full pound... in a week! They were both immunized, weighed and measure and are now sleeping off the trauma of the appointment. There was some bad news reported though, so I am back to having an arsenal of medicines to use during each feeding/changing session.

Owen (our 'high maintenance child'):

  • Up to 11-7! He's in the 20th percentile for height, 35th for weight and 20th for head circumference
  • Thrush is back : (
  • Physical therapy continues daily for exercises and weekly for appointments
  • His circumcision healed too well. I didn't even know that could happen! Now we have to apply a steroid to 'thin the skin' so it can be separated again. The skin that she was able to separate during this appointment now needs another week of Bacitracin like we used when he was first circed.


  • Up to 9-11! Though he's gaining weight consistently at at the same rate as Owen, he's only in the 5th percentile for height, weight and his head circumference. Such a tiny little guy!
  • Thrush is back : (

Because we have to go back next week for Owen, we were able to split the immunizations over two appointments. Though I feel bad that they have to go through it again, I felt bad about the potential of FIVE shots in one day too.

Boy, taking care of well babies is a lot of work, but taking care of babies who need extra medicines and attention is REALLY a lot of work! It sure does decrease the amount of time I have in between feedings too - good thing they are champion sleepers!