Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 / 12

One month old today! It's hard to believe that an entire month has gone by since I last had a baby belly. A whole month has gone by since the pains of childbirth, since the unbelieveable sight of seeing the boys emerge into the world, since the expectation of wondering what they will look like to actually meeting them for the first time.

During this first month, we had to deal with the NICU, setting off monitor alarms if we moved the boys the wrong way, seeing them with feeding tubes and IVs, working through breathing and jaundice issues and finally stabalizing to the point of coming home. We were blessed with amazing nurses who cared for our babies when we couldn't be with them and were blessed again by visiting family and new friends bringing us meals.

This first month has been exhausting and it has been amazing. We are in the midst of our first official growth spurt. They are feeding about every 1-2.5 hours right now and are waking up much more in between feedings. Its been great to see them looking around and taking in the world. I can't wait to see their first smile and hear their first laugh in the upcoming weeks.

We are trying to figure out life as parents. Trying to crack the code of taking care of the boys only for them to throw a wrench in the routine. Trying to figure out how our relationship will evolve as mom and dad instead of just as husband and wife. We're loving being a family of four and can't wait until the boys are a little more interactive.

A few stats from this month:

  • Owen was born at 5-10 and currently weighs 7-1
  • Eli was born at 4-7 and currently weighs 5-10
  • Total number of feeding sessions: 267 (in just these last 16 days!)
  • Amount our garbage has increased because of diapers alone: 1.5 more bags
  • Number of meals brought to us: 10
  • Visitors: My mom and Charlie's mom, and the friends that we've met while here
  • Number of times that Eli or Owen have peed on their own face while being changed: 3
  • Number of prescriptions that have been filled for me and the boys: 9
  • Number of hours of sleep lost: too depressing to count

We are 1 / 12 of the way to making it through our first year as parents of twins : )


suzannah said...

oh, face pee:) dylan wasn't capable of pulling that charming "pee trick," but she still had a few up her sleeves.

we got some of those 1x1 waterproof "lap pads," and i didn't really know what they were for. we use them on the changing pad, so if she pees (or worse!) during a change, we only have to wash it and not the whole changing pad. some days we went through several:)

oh yeah, the mosaics are fun! i think i'll go back every now and then, cuz i really like to play with it.