Friday, June 06, 2008

So That's It

After 3.5 years, my tenure as a teacher at Pine Richland High School has come to an end. It was an uneventful last week of school, but that gave me plenty of time to clean out my desk, say goodbye to great friends and write notes/organize for the new person they'll hire to replace me. I have to say that it was more sad than I had expected.

While saying goodbye to my department chair and mentor, Debbie, she said (through tears) that she truly hopes that I'll come back to teaching eventually and that I have a gift. She said that it was a unanimous decision in my interview to hire me and that she never second guessed the decision. She said that I am "the best one" and that she'd really miss me. She said that she's sad that she won't get to watch my little boys grow up. She's like a second mom to me, always willing to listen, give advice and be supportive. She always has faith in me and what I wanted to do with my classes (and my life!). She believes in me, and I'll really miss her.

I'll miss everyone that I met at Pine Richland and will try hard to keep in touch, but it's tough when you don't see them everyday. Pictures will have to be good enough until I can come back and visit.

The beginning of summer is always an exciting and anticipated time for me, but not this year. It's sad this time, and I'm sure that come August it will be even more sad when I realize that the school year has started and I'm not a part of it.