Friday, May 09, 2008

Who Says No News is Good News?

Why do people always say that? I think that even bad news is better than NO news... at least then you can stop wondering and stop anticipating.

Charlie and I were told (along with all the other members of the General Electric rotational program) that the rotation options would be out "in early May." Well, here we are at the end of May 9th with still no word. In my opinion, we are past early May and now officially into mid-May. Obviously Charlie has a job and will start on July 9th. Obviously the company will give us enough time to find somewhere to live and obviously they are taking care of the most annoying and time consuming part of the move (the packing!), but still, it would be nice to hear some kind of update!

We're trying so hard to be patient, because really there's nothing we can do to speed up the process, but a little communication would be nice! More as we know it...