Monday, May 05, 2008

Can You BELIEVE Some People?!

The human race might have many redeeming people, but there sure are some unbelieveable members as well.

Yesterday as Charlie and I were leaving for church, I stepped out onto our porch and wondered aloud, "where is our porch furniture?" Charlie, also looking around responded with an equally dumbfounded, "I have NO idea." I'll tell you where it is... someone STOLE it! Right off our porch!

Granted, there is a For Sale sign in our yard, but that doesn't mean that our stuff is up for the taking! The thing that didn't help our situation was the fact that our floors had just been refinished (and look fantastic by the way, but I digress!) so there was no furniture in the living room or dining room and the blinds were all the way open so they wouldn't get all dusty and dirty. If someone looked in our windows, the house looked vacant... BUT STILL! That doesn't mean that you can take our stuff!

I feel like I'm on a personal mission to actually find the cuprits who have taken the furniture and are using it on their porch. Wouldn't you just love to meet the people with the nerve to do something like that?! For now though, I'm resorting to a pleading flier to put up around the neighborhood. If you have any opinions or thoughts on how you'd respond, I'd love to hear about it. Word of the wise for the future though: when your house goes on the market, pull all personal belongings inside!


did you hear what she said...

It reminds me of when Jthan's bike was LOCKED to the front porch of McKee and someone still managed to take the front tire. I mean, what the (bleep) is someone going to do with a front tire and no bike?

At least you didn't wake up to find some vagabond sleeping in your porch furniture!