Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Am I Just Being Paranoid?

So I hear that you're supposed to start feeling the baby move between 18-21 weeks with ONE baby, so I started thinking that with two of them in there that things should be cramped enough that I would start to feeling something... but no, nothing! I'm a little over 19 weeks and haven't really felt them flutter around or bounce off each other or anything. I'm pretty confident that it's nothing major, especially since we saw them moving around on the ultrasound, but I would really appreciate some movement!

I guess I should count my blessings for this short amount of time that I can't feel them because, as one of my friends with twins puts it, "pretty soon you'll feel like you have feet coming up your throat!"

My first twin appointment is next week, so hopefully by then I'll have felt something!


Benjamin, Kelly, Madelyn, & Anderson said...

Don't worry--its hard in the beginning to know if you're feeling the baby move. And yeah, after awhile I'm sure you'll be hoping they take a nap or something and stop moving so much in there! Something that might help>drink a small glass of juice and lay still on your side. That would help get my kids moving sometimes.

Masha said...

Hey, we are so excited for you guys! I seriously was just thanking God for such an awesome surprise for you guys!

actually i went to your blog to just say it once again congratulations and yay and praise the Lord!

(ps- still let us know if you need any help)


Brice said...

To add to the congrats, congrats again, and also I have name ideas for you. Now these were mine but I will let you use them if you want. To celebrate your time her in the Bugrh and your time in Connecticut, you could go with "Urban" and "Suburban". I KNOW...Awesome right? Just let me know what you think :)