Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Official!

Charlie and I are officially moving to Connecticut this June! He accepted the offer with General Electric on Monday and turned down his other offers right after that. The hardest thing about the decision was that we had an option to stay in Pittsburgh. He was offered a position with Westinghouse, which would have been fine, but nothing as exciting as GE. The decision came down to what we felt was the ultimate in tradeoffs: Staying in Pittsburgh meant keeping everything else about our life stable but not being excited about the career move. Moving away from Pittsburgh means being extremely excited and optimistic about the career move but throwing everything else in our lives into chaos!

We're confident that God will provide for our EVERY need - which makes the journey all that much more exciting! We already know that I'll get paid for the entire summer and get to keep my health benefits, GE is paying to fly us out to find somewhere to live and paying for movers to pack up everything and drive it to our new home, and Charlie will be starting with 25 other new hires all in the same position (friendless and new to the area!) as us - sounds like a good starting point for meeting new people!

Though we're incredibly sad to think about moving, we're also really excited about this new chapter in our life. Stay tuned for more details as we know them.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you guys...and will be sad to see you go. Seems like a lot of our "young professional" friends are taking the leap out of Pittsburgh these days.

Best of luck and grace with your planning the move and exploring your new corner of the world.


M.D. Mattes said...

So excited for you both! Congrats Charlie on the Job, hope all preparations and the move goes well. You are in our prayers! Take Good Care.

Grace & Peace.
Mike & Beth Mattes