Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let the Summer Begin!

The year is over, and I have to say that I'm a little sad. My seniors this year were fantastic, but I still have many great kids who will be back next year. It was truly a successful year, and has put me that much closer to tenure - 4 months to go! By January I'll be a Level 2 teacher, which basically just means that it's way harder to get rid of me ; )

I'm excited for this summer, though it will be tough because of how much time Charlie spends on schoolwork. I see him for an average of about 15 minutes every day during the week, but we make the most of our time together on the weekends. If you think of it, pray for his determination and perseverance for this summer... it's tough to go back into "school mode" after 6 years out! Plus, to make things even more stressful, the school puts you on academic probation if you drop below a 3.0 average. That's only a B- average! He's doing great so far, but has a hectic week next week with three tests coming up. Just a little update in case you were wondering : )