Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Amazing Grace

If you haven't seen the trailer for Amazing Grace, a new drama about the biography of William Wilburforce (who fought to abolish slavery circa 1800s in England), I would highly recommend that you download it (here) and then go see the movie. We saw it yesterday and it is truly a story of perserverence even when you are the only one with a certain perspective. His life is a testimony to everyone who knows that they should do the right thing even in the face of utter opposition. Very well done - and one of the characters in the movie was the man who wrote the song Amazing Grace. The background of where the lyrics came from is touched upon and gives a new meaning to the song.

On a side note, and another take on the title of this blog, my ONLY trouble student (across six classes) was withdrawn from my class today. Talk about amazing grace for the rest of MY school year!!