Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Re-Gaining Momentum

So it's a new year, and along with everyone else in the world, I have my list of resolutions (goals really) for this upcoming year. There are a few personal goals, which I'll keep... personal... but there are a number of goals that I wanted to throw out there just to keep myself a bit more accountable. Read along, and feel free to ask me about them as the year rolls on.

  • Cut back on tea - I'm officially addicted and have been since my brief stint in Wales 6 years ago. Today was a success - I went from 7-8 mugs to 3. Granted, the day isn't over yet, but it's a start. Baby steps : )
  • Hike the entire Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail start to finish. 70 total miles.
  • Continue learning Spanish. Hablo Espanol!
  • Blog more often - our life really isn't as uneventful as my infrequent posts would lead you to believe
  • Keep in better contact with friends who have moved away (or friends who are close by and I still don't keep in good contact with!)
  • Try out new recipes - send any good ones my way - and eat more salad

So for those of you who continue to check this blog with such an infrequent payoff, today's your lucky day. Check back soon, as I intend to focus on #4 alot more this year.

Happy New Year!