Monday, December 15, 2014

Race Log: 2014 Dallas Marathon Relay

The 2014 Dallas Marathon Relay was an awesome experience! Julie, Julie, Rachel and I headed downtown on Saturday, checked into the Omni, went to the expo to get our race packet and some great deals on other running gear (like my $160 shoes for $58!), ate at The Common Table and had Pokey-Os for dessert, then went back to the hotel for a good night of sleep.

We could see the Start line and all the activity going on for the race from our hotel window! We got ready, prayed, met Brian in the lobby and dropped Julie off at the start line. There was a lot of driving and walking to and from each exchange point, but that meant we could all be together all morning. There were a couple close calls, like Rachel making it to our exchange point about one minute before I arrived! They almost texted me to tell me to slow down ; ) Julie ran 4.25, I ran 6.4, Rachel ran 4.75, Julie B ran 5.3 and Amber finished us off in the pouring rain!

At Mile 21 Rachel and I helped two separate guys who had debilitating leg cramps. We got them water and gu, encouraged them, and helped get them walking again. The first guy told us he thought he was finished and almost had a car drive him to the end. We ended up seeing him at the finish line - the highlight of the day for sure! He saw us and said "My two angels!" We were so proud of him for finishing!

Though it was really fun to accomplish this together, I think I would run the half marathon myself next time instead of the relay. It was just a little too hectic when it was all said and done. But our team finished in 4:00:37 and placed 84th out of 338 relay teams. Not too shabby! We even got two medals, one from this year and the one we would have gotten last year if the race hadn't been iced out. Extra bling is always fun : ) Next relay with these girls is the Rock and Roll in March - can't wait!