Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dylan - 6 Months

Dylan doesn't look all that much different in these pictures than he did in his 5 month photos but there was a huge difference in actually taking the pictures. Last month as soon as I would let go of him to take the picture he would lunge forward and almost roll off the chair. This month he was proudly sitting up and smiling away, much stronger and more sure of himself (and slightly less drooly too!). 

The biggest change for Dylan this month was the start of baby food - pears and sweet potatoes so far. I skipped rice and oatmeal this time around and went straight to the good stuff (for no other reason than because I'm the mom and I can ; )) He has mastered opening his mouth but hasn't figured out how to keep his tongue in yet so it's a pretty messy event. He is so happy all the time and rarely cries. He loves the exersaucer, laying on the ground and sitting in the high chair, even though he's still not that great at sitting upright. He has the cutest giggle and is getting pretty ticklish. At his 6 month well visit he weighed in at 16 lb 2 oz (25%) and is up to 27" long (75%).

Although it's a little sad that he's our last baby and our last time through these milestones, it's also exciting that he's growing up and will soon be a contender in the fight for toys around here, trying desperately to keep up with his brothers. Those will be great days too : )