Thursday, December 02, 2010

Garrett - 4 Months

Four months have come and gone and Garrett is doing great! I took him to his four month well visit yesterday and was just shocked at his growth from only two months earlier. You know you have a chubby baby when the pediatrician refers to him as the Michelin Man!

Two Month Weight: 13 lb 4 oz (75%)
Four Month Weight: 16 lb 14 oz (90%)

Two Month Height: 23.5" (70%)
Four Month Height: 25.5" (75%)

He's laughing and cooing and smiling all the time. He's getting really close to rolling from his back to his belly, but doesn't really attempt to roll from him belly to his back. He actually hates being on his back. He's getting into the phase where his naps are only about an hour each, but he is still sleeping straight through the night, so I can't complain too much about his naps. Owen and Eli love his and will usually stop to pet him on the head and say 'cute baby' or 'BayGate nice' as they are running past him. We switched him to size 3 diapers to celebrate his four month birthday : )