Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paci Update

Two nights ago we took away the boys 'night nights.' We decided that we weren't going to talk up the fact that they didn't get them anymore, we were just going to ignore the situation and pretend that nothing was different. I was amazed at how easily they still went to sleep! There was no crying, only a little bit of moaning/singing (by Owen) and they were both sleeping soundly soon enough.

Nap time yesterday was a different story. Horrible!! They were in their cribs for three hours and didn't sleep at all. Eli was hitting his head off the wall on purpose, Owen was laughing at him, they were using their mattresses as trampolines, they were yelling and laughing and not interested in sleeping at all. I went up to tuck them back in a couple times and each time, Owen would look at me with very sad eyes and whimper 'ni-night?' Then he made himself throw up. Awesome. I had to change his sheets and take his blanket away too. Try getting him to sleep after taking his paci and blanket! So around 4pm, I pulled them out of their beds and went on with the day.

Charlie was on his own for bedtime and put them in early... and they went right to sleep!! No crying and they slept from 7pm to 8am!

I wasn't expecting much out of nap time today, but after only 45 minutes they were both asleep! Only a little crying this time, but I didn't have to go in at all!

Hopefully tonight and tomorrow will continue to get better and better and we'll be trouble free by the weekend!