Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take it Easy!

I can obsess over my boys. If you've been following this blog (or either of my other two) for any length of time, you already know that I second guess myself all the time and wonder if I'm doing the mom thing 'the right way.'

The newest obsession I have is the boys' nap time - they seem to have given up their morning nap. Even when they are in their crib for an hour in the morning, they spend the time talking, jumping, giggling and fussing... but not sleeping. I feel guilty about this because three mornings a week I make them skip their morning nap so I can get out of the house and meet with other people. What is it about mom's groups that meet during nap time?! Because of this, I think they are out of the habit of sleeping in the morning, which leaves me struggling with what to do with them the other four mornings a week. I'm not willing to admit that the morning nap is a thing of the past, which means that I'm stuck at home trying to get them to sleep and using wasting my time in the process.

I think that the number one thing having kids has taught me is that you can't control everything. Duh. I should have realized that while we were trying to get pregnant and it wasn't happening on our timeline... but now that they are developing into their own person with opinions and a personality and a temper I am even more sure that I can't control everything. I guess the only thing to do is enjoy the uncontrolled chaos filled moments and take it easy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth!

My twins gave up their monring nap at about that age. I think when you have two you need nap times just so that you can get a break. We turned morning nap into morning "quiet time". They play in their room together and I can get stuff done elsewhere. Look at it this way, you have more freedom when you aren't tied to nap time.