Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Poor Little Kitties

On September 21, 2002, Charlie and I looked through mounds of kittens and chose Tibby and Savoy. They were teeny tiny little kitties and just the cutest things we had ever seen. We loved having those two live with us, and even moved them with us to Connecticut, but after Charlie's rotations started taking us far enough away that we would have to fly them to the destination, it became clear that we had two choices: give them back to a shelter or give them to family or friends to keep for us until we were more 'local.'

Thankfully, Charlie's grandma agreed to take them both back to her house in Lancaster county, PA. She and Uncle Dan feel in love with the cats, so even when we decided that we probably wouldn't want to take them back (fur and babies don't mix well), they willingly agreed to keep them long term.

Grandma lives on a plot of farmland that is far from other houses and roads, so when they would work in the garden, they would 'work' along side her. They would walk with Grandma and Uncle Dan to pick raspberries and snuggle up at night in bed. Life as a farm cat was suiting them well.

Charlie called Grandma on Sunday to catch up and she told him some devastating news. 'Savannah ran away last Sunday and we haven't seen her since. We've tried everything to find her." Now it's not unheard of for a cat to wander away and return days later, but with the other animals in the area (fox especially), she wouldn't stand a chance. Not to mention she's a scaredy cat and a little on the dim side when it comes to paying attention to where she is so she can find her way back. Thankfully it's not cold outside, but Charlie and I don't have the best feeling about things. Tibby has been walking around looking for her and crying since she left. We're praying that she's safe and sound and will return home soon, but we're also praying that Tibby will adjust to life without her if the worst has happened. Grandma and Uncle Dan are so sad about the whole thing, of course, so for their sake we're really hoping Savoy returns home soon.


Becky said...

That's so sad! I hope she returns. Maybe she just wanted a road trip. They can have Roine and Irina if they want. I'm fed up with them, especially with some recent pee episodes. I would be sad, but often wish they would take a hike!