Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snapshot: ONE!

We have had a full year to get to know Owen and Eli - their likes and dislikes, their personalities and similarities and differences. With one year under our belts and many, many more to go, here's a snapshot of the little men we love so much.


  • Have had only one haircut
  • Are getting really good at 'nesting' the stacking cups inside one another. You're figuring out sizes and shapes!
  • Think it's hilarious to ride/bounce on our shins and will pull into a canonball giggling
  • Love buttons, especially the ones on the stereo
  • Can stand independently and walk along the furniture but haven't taken any steps yet
  • Have two bottom teeth and your outer upper top teeth
  • Love to stand in the bathtub - and it drives us crazy because you both fall all the time!
  • Are mostly wearing 12 months clothes, but can still fit in some of your 6 month onesies and sometimes wear 18 month pjs
  • Almost never wear shoes, though you have some really cute pairs, you won't keep them on (but you love to chew the orange crocs)
  • LOVE the pool and will kick as if you're swimming
  • Say ma-ma and da-da, but not necessarily in reference to either of us
  • Still sing yourselves to sleep
  • Are consistently sleeping through the night and wake up around 7-7:30 every day
  • Only nurse 3-4 times a day
  • Still eat babyfood for breakfast, but all table food for the rest of the day
  • Sleep on your belly with your butt in the air
  • Usually only use your binks when you sleep (or when you're teething and incredibly drooly)
  • Are warming up to the idea of real milk, though not consistently
  • Will eat almost anything that's put in front of you
  • Go to bed every night without a fight
  • Drop whatever you're doing when daddy starts saying "A-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-woowoo-woowoo!"
  • Have taken your diapers off in bed, with messy consequences


  • Love to crawl holding anything stick-like (the doctor tool, the blue and red tupperware rattle) and will hold them for hours at a time
  • Stood independently first
  • Cry when Owen gets yelled at or hurt
  • Were much more adventurous at the beach and would crawl right towards the ocean
  • Didn't want to get messy with your birthday cake and would only eat from a fork
  • Are starting to give high-5s and say ba-ba
  • Will stand next to a block tower and pick one block off at a time
  • See it as your personal mission in life to keep all the doors closed on the pop-up toys
  • Love to give slobbery kisses all over my face


  • LOVE Monkey Boy and will hold him while you crawl around, sleep, eat and play
  • Took a long time to warm up to the beach and the ocean. At first, you would watch the waves and cry as the water got closer, but then you started to really like it
  • Dove into your birthday cake face first and didn't care how messy you got (and you got MESSY!)
  • Are starting to wave (with both hands) and say ni-ni
  • Love tags, especially when we go shopping and you can feel all the tags on the clothes as you roll past in your stroller
  • Will plow a block tower down in one swipe
  • Crawl to me when I sit on the floor just to give me a hug
  • 'Windshield wipe' your tray when you're done eating to knock all the remaining food on the floor
  • Love to pull all the books off the shelf and turn the pages as if you're reading them