Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Boys' FIRST Birthday!

I'm looking for suggestions. The boys' are turning ONE on the 30th and I'm not sure how to approach it. On one hand, they only turn one once, so why not get them new toys, clothes, books, etc. On the other hand, they are only turning one, so they wouldn't know the difference if they didn't get anything. They have lots of toys and books already, though many of them are 'baby toys' and they are certainly and rapidly approaching the need for 'big boy toys.'

The several that I'm considering include: a musical instruments set, play food and/or pots and pans, a toy box (since their current 'toy box' is actually a box of toys from when we moved and they get closer to crushing it in everyday!), an activity table, Leap Frog letters for the refrigerator, alphabet puzzles/vehicle puzzles... I'm sure I could go on. Little kid toys are so fun!

We're making a fun cake and celebrating while we're at the beach with my family next week, and we're planning on taking a trip to San Diego to visit my extended family over their actual birthday weekend.

What did you do for your kid's first birthdays... and what do you think of the toy options?


Shaloma said...

Hey Beth! We gave Zeke the Leap Frog letters for the fridge and a Playskool farm house for his birthday. He loves both of them! Also, because we have a small house and not much room for toys we set up a bank account for him so people could just give him money for his first few birthdays when gifts don't matter as much. We intend on turning his bank account funds into a college fund soon. So that's what we did! He also absolutely loved his balloons for the party! I think that was the biggest hit of all. Good luck on the planning!

Kelly said...

That bank account is a great idea! We actually didn't get anything for our kiddos on their first...they were bombarded with lovely gifts from friends and family. We had a small party with family and took them out on a "date" for ice cream. As they get older they now talk about what they would like or what birthday "theme" they want...thats fun! :)

mandy said...

Eric and I got Anna a blocks set and a xylophone for her first b'day. Both of which we're planning on seeing her grow into developmentally. We figured there was no point in getting her things that she could play with and master immediately and she had plenty of toys for her current stage anyway.

We had gotten the fridge phonics letters as a Christmas gift and she really enjoys those. It's where she learn how to put small things into larger things; and the beauty about those...she'll learn from them for years.

suzannah said...

the college account is a great idea--we put money received in there, too. (we converted the savings into a 529).

for her bday, we just got dylan a little wooden melissa and doug tower that comes with a mallet and four balls. she still loves it.

when she was a little older, someone got her a sand and water table, that my MIL put rice into--genius! she is playing with it right now as we speak. (we keep ours on the porch.)

Kathie said...

Hi Beth! I can't believe it has been a year. We also did the college account and the little people farm. They have played with that farm almost every day for the last year and a half. They love it! It also makes it easy when they start learning animal names and sounds.

Have fun.