Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Hot to Hotter

The movers came yesterday to pack our apartment and load it on the truck. Here's a rundown of the next six days of absolute craziness:

  • Charlie left around lunchtime today with the moving truck. As in DRIVING the moving truck with our car hitched to the back. That way we'll have all of our stuff as soon as we arrive in AZ and won't have to wait 4-14 days for it to be delivered.
  • I'm staying with our good friends Bob and Ashley until Thursday night
  • I'm playing 'single mom' again until we meet back up with Charlie in AZ. I have to say that I don't mind it except for bath time, which I really, genuinely hate now that the boys try to stand up all the time. The funny thing is that Bob and Ashley's bathtub doesn't have a no-slip bottom, so every time they try they fall flat on their bellies getting a face-full of water. Maybe this will teach them a lesson?!
  • I'm flying solo with the boys on Thursday night. Ashley is going to take us to the airport and Charlie will pick us up, but the 2.5 hours on the plane are a little nerve wracking. Luckily it's bedtime for them, so I'm praying for a couple tired babies. Maybe you could pray too : )
  • Friday and Saturday are going to be spent unpacking the things we'll need for Pittsburgh and starting to find our way around Scottsdale.
  • Sunday morning we're trying out a new church and flying to Pittsburgh that night!! Hopefully the boys won't be traumatized by the flight on Thursday for their flight on Sunday.

Though Dallas has been 98 degrees the past few days, Scottsdale is even hotter. Luckily we'll be in PA for most of July to escape a few weeks of the brutal southwest summer weather. I will not be sad when this week of craziness is behind us!


Janice said...

You'll get through all of this, and by the time it is over, you'll be even more of a SUPERMOM than you already are!!!

Oh, and I PROMISE that even though Scottsdale is hotter, it will feel so much nicer than here because of the lack of humidity. Trust me:-)

suzannah said...


and we totally don't do baths every night. sometimes, just face, hands, feet, and teeth. i'm just sayin'...